merry and bright…around the shop

so when you start going starry eyed staring at amazon and feel like maybe its time to get out and support local,...

Posted: 11.22.16

new kerry cassill

while in la recently we had a great time putting together a new kerry cassill order. we cant wait for all of...

Posted: 10.27.16

round top texas

we spent a hard working week on the hunt finding nothing but the best for you in texas! here is a sneak...

Posted: 10.06.16

around the shop

with the scent of fall in the air and that perfect morning chill we just thought you might be up for a...

Posted: 10.04.16

around the shop

have you been in lately? we have some really wonderful jewelry at a variety of price points you are going to love....

Posted: 9.02.16

walking the streets

and yet another wild day on the streets of new york! we can not get enough people watching, stunning architecture, quaint little...

Posted: 8.29.16
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