so when you start going starry eyed staring at amazon and feel like maybe its time to get out and support local, you just must pay us a visit. grab yourself a hot chocolate…its cold finally!!! and head down to the willows for some one of a kind holiday goodies. we have some wonderful ideas for setting your thanksgiving table, a bundle of cozy sweaters and jewelry to give you just the right look and plenty of lovelies coming in for the holidays. tis shopping season! looking forward to seeing you soon and helping you knock out that list.

while in la recently we had a great time putting together a new kerry cassill order. we cant wait for all of the fun prints to arrive! you are going to love what we have coming. while spending a great deal of time on the order, we went through a crazy ordeal of getting my truck toed….a  long story that made for a good laugh later! i guess you never know what kind of trouble you might end up in in this wild retail business! all for you folks…all for you!

here’s to fall and cool weather on the horizon! looking forward to this holiday season; cheers!

we spent a hard working week on the hunt finding nothing but the best for you in texas! here is a sneak peek of just a bit of the fun we had while in round top. we would not miss this opportunity to seek out one of a kind furniture and gorgeous pieces to give your home just the right unique touch. we hope you’ll love what we have to bring home to you! enjoy!!

with the scent of fall in the air and that perfect morning chill we just thought you might be up for a little retail therapy here at the willows. come see whats new in apparel as well as plenty of new goods for the home around the shop. we had a very successful trip to round top in Texas and will be slowly bringing in all our new treasures for you as they arrive. let us know what we can do to spruce up your own home or patio for the new cosy season ahead. oh, and pssst….our online shop is now official! woot woot! go check it out here.

have you been in lately? we have some really wonderful jewelry at a variety of price points you are going to love. time to spruce up your look for fall right…with a fresh adornment. we have some great coffee table books, clothing, candles, and sweet hostess/friend gifts! we love the black and white tea towels with catchy sayings to make your girlfriend laugh on a rough day. pair that wrapped in a fun beaded necklace and you are set. do come and see us soon. we are here to help with the perfect gift, or your new look for your home or yourself! cheers to a great long weekend up ahead! happy memorial day! we will be closed on monday in observance.

and yet another wild day on the streets of new york! we can not get enough people watching, stunning architecture, quaint little brick buildings filled with bakeries and darling shops! the inspiration is indeed endless. after a few days in the city i was able to take a peek at a place i had been dying to see for quite some time. stay tuned for a few photos of a treasure outside the city! hope youre week is off to a great start. our fall goods are starting to come in and we can not wait to share them with you! can you believe it is nearly september? where does the time go??