part one of a many faceted trip to one of my most favorite cities! I recently ventured across the country to the big city with my daughter for a couple days of fun and of course research…you will never tire of creative inspiration and bustling life in this city! getting in late Saturday night after a long day of traveling, we just walked for a bit taking in our new hood before uber-ing over to one of our favorites, Balthazar, for some mussels, fries and wine. never mind the grumpy bartender who was not going to spoil our fun. after Sunday mass in the village, we tried out a fun recommendation for brunch, Joseph Leonard. with an adorable exterior and tight quarters full of eye candy and great tunes, the food also did not disappoint. might i reccomend trying the michelada drink…a tasty concoction of beer, hot sauce and lime….rather refreshing on a hot summer day. after a fun day of boutique shops, and a quick stop at milk bar for a birthday cake shake, we were beat; but not really. it was all too good to be true, and of course we were up for more; ok lets face it, we were secretly hoping it would never end and we could find a reason to move to this magical city…at least for a while?


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