its that time of year for all of the most delicious stone fruit….peaches, plums, apricots, and then of course berries and cherries too. its a great time to make yummy treats, refreshing fruit infused sangria, or jams and preserves. we’ve recently realized our sweet and lovely plum tree was rather abundant so some of the grandkids helped me pick and snack on a quite a loot of sweet plums. they are a perfect tiny snack for all the littles. we would love to try out something new with all these plums like this olive oil ricotta cake. it sounds like a nice delicate summer dessert; perfect with some buttermilk vanilla ice cream perhaps? take the work out of deseeding and this plum wine will reap its rewards come fall. we also love the idea of grilling them for a salad, making a fruit salsa, or mixing them with other summer fruit for a tasty crostada. hope this inspires you to use that summer fruit in a new adventurous way!


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